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The world of the glamour industry has witnessed hundreds of professional talents. But not someone like Emily Tosta, I bet. It is not just beautiful in every way but a person of real talent, a pretty young girl who is not scared of this open world and obstacles it hides, one who faces challenges with open arms, and one who is unwilling to hide. That young talent is Emily Tosta.

Emily TOsta
The beautiful young model Emily Tosta chilling in a restaurant

Before we dig into her biography in detail, let’s have a quick look at the quick facts of this beautiful model.

Early Life of Emily Tosta

The aspiring model Emily Tosta, full name Emilia Gabriela Attias Tosta, was born in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, on 26 March 1998. She has two siblings: bother Kartos Tosta and sister Gabriela Tosta. Her mother’s name is Emilia Tosta. The information regarding the identity of her father is still unavailable in public media. We will inform you as soon as we get any information on her father.

Tosta’s Father is of Lebanese descent, and her mother of Brazilian, Venezuelan, and Italian descent. The model’s family moved to Miami, United States when she was 12 years old. In 2014 she moved to Los Angeles for her career in acting and modeling. She has been homeschooled. Her other education information is not clear yet. Her highest education qualification is graduate.

Emily Tosta Age, Weight, Height, and Body Measurements

Emily is a young model of 22. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 50 kilograms (110 lbs). Her body measurements include a 34-inch chest, a 23-inch waist, and 34-inch hips. The young model has brown eyes and black hair. She looks stunning with her banana-shaped figure and plump lips. She belongs to the zodiac group of Aries.

Emily Tosta Age, Weight, Body Measurements
Emily Tosta feeding a horse

Hobbies and Interest of Emily Tosta

Like many other girls, Emily loves purple and blue colors. She loves having candles in her room. The model has remained a vegan and has avoided eating meat since she was a six-year-old child.

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  • Food – Spicy food, Hot sauces
  • Subjects – Science, Astronomy
  • Color – Purple, Blue
  • Number – 8

The career of Emily Tosta

Emily first appeared as a model with the Dominican magazine ‘A la Moda’ at the age of 6. She then played a leading role in ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’ at the age of 8 years. The young model also made her appearance in various musicals like Alice in Wonderland, Cats, and Like in Broadway.

Emily Tosta and her career life.
Emily Tosta with her team of ‘Team of Five’ members

Besides modeling, Tosta has experience working in the film industry.  She made her appearance in the drama TV series ‘Dama y Obrero‘ as Gina Joven in 2013. She has worked as a guest star in the fictional TV series ‘The Last Ship,’ released in 2014. But her role in the web series ‘United Families’ is the one that made her a real hit.

How did Emily Tosta Become Famous?

Like the proverb, ‘morning shows the day,’ Emily was interested in modeling since she was a child. Like others, she was not the one to wait for her time. She believed in the feeling of ‘every day is your day,’ hence when the opportunities came, she grabbed them even though she was a kid, and by the time she reached the teens, she was way ahead of most of the teenagers.

Emily Tosta's story of her successful career.
The 5 feet 3 inches tall model Emily Tosta looking beautiful

Emily is someone who aspires for more. Being successful in her modeling career didn’t satisfy her. So she started her career in the movie industry. She worked hard, gave her best performance, and in the end, she became a well-known star in series like ‘United Families,’ ‘Selfie Dad,’ and ‘Last Ship.’ Her charming figure and positive personality were loved by her viewers, turning them into her fans eventually.

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Today, the young model is still charging in her career as a runway model and actor. She wants to go much further in her journey, and we believe in getting to her destination someday. Good luck, Emily. May God watch over you.

Relationship of Emily Tosta

People have adored the 22 years old model for quite a while. Once, she was in a relationship with Crawford Collins, a Snapchat star. The couple was in a relationship from 2016 to 2018. The couple broke up due to various reasons. Emily is single since then. She is focusing on her career right now. Her past dating history is unknown.

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Net Worth and Properties of Emily Tosta

According to recent data on social media, Emily has a net worth of around $200 thousand.

Emily TOsta's net worth
Emily Tosta having fun with colors.

The young model is mostly seen in TV series and earns $10k-$15k per episode. Her primary source of income is modeling, though. The information regarding her property is still unknown. We will update our bio as soon as we get such information.

Social Media Presence of Emily Tosta

Emily is fond of social media. She loves posting her photos and feeds on her new task on Twitter and Instagram. According to current data, her Twitter and Instagram followers number 21.9k and 202k, respectively. She has been recently posting pictures of her on the gong TV series ‘Party of Five.’

Emily Tosta and her social media hangover.
Emily Tosta taking a selfie

She loves getting feedback from her fans. Her social media followers’ number is expected to raise more in the near future—Good luck with that, Emily. Keep going.

Twitter: 21.9k followers

Instagram: 202k followers

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