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Emily Seebohm Ex Boyfriend: Who Is David Lutteral? Dating History

The latest surrounds Emily Seebohm, a talented swimmer of the Olympics, and her ex boyfriend, David Lutteral. Fans eagerly try to get the inside scoop on their relationship and her dating history.

Emily Seebohm has represented Australia at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, winning four medals in total.

Emily Seebohm Ex boyfriend has been in fans’ mouths these days.

Emily has also won multiple medals at the Commonwealth Games. Seebohm has held the Australian record for the 100m backstroke since 2008 and is a current world record holder for the 4 x 100m medley relay.

Seebohm is also a recipient of the Order of Australia Medal, awarded to her in 2012 for her achievements in swimming.

The champion continues to compete at the highest levels of the sport and is a strong advocate for mental health and the push for gender equality.

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Emily Seebohm Ex Boyfriend: Who Is David Lutteral?

Emily Seebohm Ex Boyfriend met while attending the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, and they have been together ever since.

Emily Seebohm
Emily Seebohm deleted pictures with her ex on instagram. (Source: Instagram )

The two have been seen in Australia and overseas, attending various events and making television appearances.

While they haven‘t been together long, they have established a strong relationship.

In 2021, Seebohm made headlines when news broke that she and her exboyfriend David Lutteral had ended their relationship.

The two had been dating since 2015 and had been seen out together in public many times.

David Lutteral is an Australian radio host and presenter who has been a part of the radio industry since the early 2000s.

David is an excellent example of how radio can be entertaining and informative, and his work is a testament to the power of radio.

Know Emily Seebohm Dating History

Emily Seebohm and David Lutteral started dating in 2015 after they were spotted out together in public on multiple occasions.

The two were often seen attending events and enjoying romantic dinners. They also posted pictures of each other on their social media accounts.

In 2021, the couple announced that they had ended their relationship, much to the surprise of their fans.

Emily Seebohm
 One of Emily Seebohm’s boyfriends, Ryan. (Source: Instagram )

Despite their split, the two remain on good terms and have been seen out together on occasion. Seebohm is currently single and has not revealed who she is dating.

Emily Seebohm has been very private about her personal life and has not spoken publicly about her dating history ever since. She is currently single and is focusing on her swimming career.

Emily has remained a popular figure in the swimming world and is respected for her success.

The athlete inspires many young swimmers and exemplifies what hard work and dedication can lead to.

Know the Lovely Couples Age Gap

Emily Seebohm and David Lutteral‘s age gap is 18 years. Emily Seebohm is 24 years old and David Lutteral is 42 years old.

The age gap between them is quite significant, with Emily being the younger one and David being the older one.

Despite the age gap, they have been in a relationship since 2017 and are still going strong.

Emily Seebohm
Emily Seebohm And David Lutteral. ( Source: Instagram )

The age gap between the two has been a topic of discussion in the media due to their celebrity status.

There is no denying that age differences can bring about different perspectives and experiences which can be beneficial for a couple.

Emily and David can benefit from the different approaches and outlooks that each of them possess.

The age gap between Emily and David is quite large and some may view it as an obstacle in their relationship.

However, the couple seems to be happy and in love, so the age gap has not been an issue in their relationship.

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