Elettra Lamborghini Afrojack, Career & Net Worth

If you come from a family belonging to a celebrity, then it is inevitable that the child comes in the limelight too. However, Elettra Lamborghini is not just any persona in the industry. She is an uprising model, singer, television personality, and influencer. What ‘s surprising is the fact that she is very daring to do anything in her life. Also, she suddenly was the talk of the city when her name was attached to Afrojack.

Elettra Lamborghini height
Elettra Lamborghini is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

As a matter of fact that the duo is preparing themselves to get married. But due to the pandemic, most of the things are going to halt, and so is their marriage. In this article, we will reveal each and everything you want to know about this beauty. From her age, height, body, career, the net worth we will reveal them all. But at first, let’s get started with some quick facts;

Quick Facts: Elettra Lamborghini

Full Name: Elettra Miura Lamborghini
NickName: The Italian Killer
Birth Date: May 17, 1994
Age: 26 years old
Horoscope: Taurus
Birth Place: Bologna, Italy
Resident: Milan, Italy
Father’s Name: Tonino Lamborghini
Mother’s Name: Luisa Lamborghini
Siblings: Ferruccio Lamborghini Jr.
Height: 5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm
Weight: 57 kg or 126 pounds
Body Measurements: Unknown
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Education: Unknown
Profession: Reality TV star, internet personality
Boyfriend: None
Spouse: DJ Afrojack
Net Worth: $10 Million
Social Media Presence: Instagram, Facebook

Parents and Siblings

This hottie was born as Elettra Miura Lamborghini in the beautiful place of Bologna, Italy. She is the granddaughter of Ferruccio Lamborghini who is the founder of Italian luxury sports cars since 1963. Similarly, her grandmother is Clelia Monti.

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Not to mention her father’s name is Tonino Lamborghini, and her mother’s name is Luisa Lamborghini. Along with that, she is blessed to have brothers Ferruccio Lamborghini Jr, Ginevra Lamborghini, Flaminia Lamborghini, and Lucrezia Lamborghini.

Altogether she has four brothers, and it appears that she is the only daughter in her family. Moreover, this hottie is an Italian model who hails from white ethnicity.

How Old Is Elettra Lamborghini?- Age, Height, and Body Measurement

This beautiful model was born in the year of 1994. In 2020 she is 26 years old and falls under the sun sign of Taurus. People of this sign are considered to be subtle, hard-working, and determined. She celebrates her birthday each year on the 17th day of March.

This bubbly lady is very conscious of how she looks and hence does her best to look presentable. As in her field of work, such things are necessary, Lamborghini tends to loom flawless and win the heart of people. This renowned singer stands tall at the height of 5 feet 4 inches or 162.5 cm.

Elettra Lamborghini age
Elettra Lamborghini is 26 years old.

Elettra is a fitness freak, i.e., she hits the gym more often than not. Sever workouts, healthy diets, yoga, and pilates are some of the reasons why she has that curvaceous figure. Her diet includes food containing proteins and ignores food having fats and carbohydrates.

Her white skin tone is what makes her look appealable in the designer clothes she pulls off. Unfortunately, she has yet to reveal her vital statistics. Even more, those hottie graces long black hair along with a pair of green eyes. The most distinctive feature of her is emerald green eyes and her unique sense of fashion.

Childhood and Education

Being the only daughter in her family, it is sure that Elettra was showered with all the love and admiration. However, their love did not spoil her; instead, she felt special. Born in Italy, the country of art and culture, it was apparent that she was fascinated by all of them.

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Talking about education, there is nothing to be shared on the media. Similarly, the subject she majored in and which university or institute she enrolled is still in the dark. We will update the further information as soon as it is on the media.

Professional Career

As morning shows the day, Elettra was keen on being a star since her childhood. That might be the reason why she was able to start her career at an early age. As she belonged to the Lamborghini family, most people were aware of her but not about t her work.

Soon she participated in the international reality show named Gran Hermano VIP. This how was enough to catapult her fame to a greater height. Moving on, she was seen on the MTV shows named Super Shore and later on Geordie Shore. This being said, she garnered a lot of notoriety from Big Brother Brasil 17.

Moreover, Elettra released her first song named Pem Pem, in 2018. Twerking queen received a lot of attention in 2019, which happens to be her song too. Her admiration and fame are why Lamborghini ended up as the judge in the sixth season of The Voice of Italy. Even more, fans expect her to be in the seventh season too.

Who Is The Husband of Elettra Lamborghini?

There are lots of men who have eyes on this piece of beauty. Her voice, charm, elegance, and versatility is what makes them go crazy about her. Well, you might not know this, but Elettra is bisexual and has dated a hot lady in her life too. It might break the fan’s hearts to know this, but this singer is all set to walk down the aisle.

Previously a source revealed that Lamborghini was going out with a reality Tv personality star Marty McKenna in November 2016. The lovey-dovey couple we saw leaving a Newcastle nightclub named House of Smith. The source elaborated that they were seen leaving in the early hours of the morning.

In accordance with then, they were making love at the club without the care of their surrounding. In April 2017, during an episode of Geordie Shore Marty and Elettra were spotted jumping in the showers. That totally hints at them having some serious thing or each other. However, neither of them confirmed their relationship, which made the accusation hard to believe.

Elettra Lamborghini husband
Elettra Lamborghini is married to Afrojack

Soon in 2017, this famous model was getting cosy and having the quality of time with actor Gaz Beadle in an episode of Geordie Shore. Some anonymous even captured them in the photo where they were seen smooching and making out intentionally.

Last but not least, Elettra decided to settle down when Dutch Dj, record producer Afrojack came into her life. That’s not only it the duo were deciding to get engaged in 2019 and were going to tie the knot in 2020.

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On the other hand, due to the spreading of Covid-19, they both are going to marry on September 6, 2020. Surprisingly before taking this big step in their life, they dated for a while. Talking about Afrojack before Elettra he had a romantic relationship with hot model Paris Hilton.

The duo dated for half a decade before calling it off. In addition to this, the singer was previously married to Dutch model Amanda Balk. They have a beautiful daughter Vegas. Their marriage was not that strong as they had anticipated and soon parted their ways. Astonishingly it appears that Afrojack has a thing for a model, don’t you think?

What Is The Net Worth of Elettra Lamborghini?

There is no denying that this beautiful singer plus model makes a hefty amount of money from her career. In 2020 this heiress of Lamborghini sits on an expected net worth of $10 million. That is all thanks to her hard work, passion, and dedication to thrive in the entertainment industry.

Her significant was of earning is singing, and she has launched one hit after another until now. Apart from this, she makes money from brand endorsement, advertisement, brand campaigns, and other ventures. As she is involved in both professions and is famous in each field, brands seem to like her even more.

Elettra Lamborghini net worth
Elettra Lamborghini sits on a net worth of $10 million.

In addition to this, Elettra has landed four or five roles in some of the famous television show of all time. Speaking of Afrojack, his net worth is six times more than his wife. In 2020 Afrojack sits on a staggering net worth of $60 million with plenty of room to add more.

In their leisure time, the love bugs are often seen sunbathing at the yacht, visiting dance places, and more. As now they are together, their time with one another has increased even more. Unfortunately, there is no valid information about their cars, salary, and mansions.

Social Media Presence

Handling two of the different professions is tough, but this singer knows how to manage her time. Not only she has time for her Job, but she has a plethora of time for her social media fans. Elettra enjoys connecting with her fans all across the globe.

Social media has become a way to stay in touch with people and a medium of advertising her work. In her official account, Lamborghini shares about her daily life, makeup routines, and many more. You can follow her in the link below.

Facebook: 827,866 followers

Instagram: 5.9 million followers

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