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Dose Nicole Gomes Have A Husband? Top Chef Contestant Wikipedia Age And Family

Meet Nicole Gomes, co-owner of Calgary’s Cluck N Cleaver and a seasoned veteran in the world of cooking competitions. Known for her exceptional culinary skills and charming personality, Chef Gomes has established herself as one of Canada’s top culinary competitors and food personalities.

With a string of impressive finishes in various competitions, including a Top 5 finish in her Top Chef Canada debut in 2013 and a victory in the inaugural Top Chef Canada: All-Stars in 2017, Gomes has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen.

Nicole Gomes
Nicole Gomes (Source:

Recently, she secured a second-place finish in Food Network’s Iron Chef Gauntlet (2018) and has also taken on the role of a judge on Food Network Canada’s Fire Masters (2019-present).

Now, she’s gearing up for her next challenge, as she takes on culinary giant Bobby Flay on November 19th.

Does Nicole Gomes Have A Husband?

It is not publicly known whether Nicole Gomes, the talented co-owner of Calgary’s Cluck N Cleaver and seasoned cooking competition veteran, is currently in a romantic relationship.

Despite her busy schedule and impressive accomplishments in the culinary world, it is possible that she is still on the lookout for that special someone to share her successes with.

With her charming personality and undeniable skills in the kitchen, it’s no surprise that many are curious about her love life.

Award-Winning Chef Nicole Gomes
Award-Winning Chef Nicole Gomes (Source:

Whether she is currently single or in a relationship, one thing is for sure: Nicole Gomes is a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.

Nicole Gomes Age 

Nicole Gomes is a 46-year-old chef.

She has always been passionate about cooking and started her own restaurant, Cluck N Cleaver, in Oct 2015.

Nicole Gomes Family 

Nicole Gomes, the chef and owner of Nicole Gourmet, was born and raised in Richmond, B.C. She finished culinary school in 1996 and has since worked worldwide, from brasseries and bistros in France to the Harbour Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia.

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Back in Canada, she has worked at Vancouver’s famous fine-dining eatery, West, as well as Catch Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Calgary.

Unfortunately, information about Nicole Gomes’ parents and family is not widely known. The successful chef and business owner has kept her personal life private, focusing instead on building her culinary career and growing her successful catering business, Nicole Gourmet.

Despite this, it’s clear that she has a deep passion for food and unwavering attention to detail, which has helped her to achieve great success in the industry.

Despite the lack of information about her family and childhood, her dedication and hard work speak for themselves and have undoubtedly played a major role in her success.

After gaining experience in fine dining and working in several renowned kitchens, she decided to change her career path in 2002.

Nicole Gomes Top Chef
Top Chef – Nicole Gomes (Source:

She became a member of the opening team of Catch in Calgary.

Restaurant of Nicole Gomes

Cluck N Cleaver is a restaurant run by sisters Nicole and Francine Gomes.

With Chef Nicole’s extensive experience as one of Canada’s top culinary competitors and food personalities, including her victory on Top Chef Canada: All Stars, her win on Beat Bobby Flay, her second-place finish on Iron Chef Gaunlet, and her role as a judge on Food Network Canada‚Äôs Fire Masters.

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Along with her sister Francine’s passion for raising chickens, the sisters have created a restaurant that serves delicious food with quality ingredients and a commitment to the community.

Known for their delicious fried and rotisserie chicken, Cluck N Cleaver is a must-visit for food lovers in YYC!

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