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RIP Teacher David Saunders Cancer Linked To Death Cause Obituary

Teacher David Saunders cancer battle has been the cause of his death. Many people have been sending condolences following his death. His death has caused a significant loss in Irish football. 

David Saunders was a Cork City football player who was an amputee. The young footballer had a lengthy history of involvement in sports.

At the University of Limerick, he was a member of UL Sport. David was well-known for his accuracy and skill from long distances. Saunders was also a member of the Irish Amputee Football Association.

Amputee football is a kind of football played by players who have had a limb amputated.

The athlete’s untimely death has sent shockwaves across the country. Social media has been flooded with condolences.

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David Saunders Death And Obituary

The Cork City club announced the premature death of David Saunders.

Following the diagnosis, a GoFundMe was created with a goal of €30,000 to support the family. The amount raised so far exceeds €160,000.

Jack and Aoibhn, his wife Anne Marie’s children, are among the survivors.

According to sources, the late footballer was diagnosed with advanced sarcoma for the third time earlier this year. He fought a terrible illness. The amputee soccer player’s death appeared to have been caused by his condition.

David Saunders Death
The news of David Saunders Death shocked everyone. (Source: The Sun)

Cork City’s star has been called up 38 times for Ireland (or the international amputee team). He also worked as a teacher.

The Irish Amputee Football Association also expressed sadness after learning that one of its warriors had tragically perished.

The association states,

“Anyone who had the honor of meeting David Saunders could not help but be inspired by the player and gentleman he was.”

The Irish Amputee Football Association concluded their tweet with condolences and prayers for the late player’s family.

The Cork star and teacher played 38 times for Ireland and were an example to many.

Several tributes were made, including one from FAI Chief Executive Jonathan Hill, who said: “RIP David – condolences to family, friends, and club.”

What Happened to David Saunders Teacher -RIP

Kerry-born Saunders battled advanced sarcoma before being given a third Cancer diagnosis at the beginning of the year. He battled Cancer twice as a child before being cancer-free for 26 years.

The 38-time Ireland player and instructor from Cork set a good example for many people.

People in Cork who knew him well received a message of sympathy and support from the League of Ireland account.

David Saunders, a football player, was a skilled amputee. The star performer for Cork City was an Irish native. When David Saunders was 40 years old, he passed dead.

A young child named David Saunders has beaten Cancer twice, according to his GoFundMe website. He lost one of his legs while battling the sickness.

The player maintained a positive outlook and lived 26 years after being diagnosed with Cancer. He did a lot during that time.

David Saunder Wife And Children

The young family David Saunders leaves behind consists of his wife, Anne Marie McGrath, and their two small children, Jack and Aoibhin. Aoibhin is 2 years old, but Jack Saunders is 4 years old.

Before he passed away, David requested assistance. Saunders wanted to give his family the best he could as a husband and a Father.

He said-

“Naturally, as a husband and father, I want to do my utmost to ensure my young family are provided for when I’m no longer here and with that in mind I’m asking for your help.”

Condolences were sent after Cork City star David Saunders passed away. On Monday, the club made the tragic announcement.

David wife and children
David with his beautiful wife and children (Source-  GoFundMe )

Cork’s amputee team had previously used Saunders, and the club shared the heartbreaking news online.

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