Brandon Miller playing an official match.

NCAA: Meet Darrell Miller Son Brandon Miller From Alabama Crimson Tide, Girlfriend And Parents

Brandon Miller, the talented freshman basketball player for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Follow his journey as he makes a name for himself in the NCAA.

Brandon Miller is a highly-touted freshman forward for the Alabama Crimson Tide.
Standing at 6’9″ and weighing 200 lbs, he brings a combination of size and athleticism to the team.
Born in Antioch, TN, Miller is a local product who has made a name for himself in high school and AAU basketball.
He is now set to make an impact on the college level as a member of the Crimson Tide.
Miller’s size and versatility make him a valuable asset for the team, as he can play both inside and outside on the court.
His ability to rebound, defend and score makes him a complete player. Miller’s college career is just getting started, but fans and coaches alike are excited to see what he can bring to the team this season.
Meet Bradon Miller Girlfriend: Who Is Athing Mu?

Bradon has been dating Athing Mu

Athing Mu is a rising star in the world of middle-distance running.

Born on June 8, 2002, in Trenton, New Jersey, she began her running career at a young age and quickly made a name for herself in the local and regional track and field scene.

Mu specializes in the 800-meter event, and her impressive speed and endurance have earned her numerous accolades and titles.

In 2019, she became the youngest-ever national champion in the 800-meter event at the USATF Junior Outdoor Championships.

Brandon Miller with his girlfriend Anthing Mu.
Brandon Miller with his girlfriend Anthing Mu. (Source: sportslumo)

Since turning professional before the US Olympic Trials in June 2021, Mo has won 19 consecutive races in four different events, including the qualifying, semi-finals, and finals in the 400m, 600m, mile, and 4x400m.

With her talent and drive, it is clear that she has the potential to become one of the greatest middle-distance runners of all time.

Brandon Miller Family Background

Brandon Miller’s father, Darrell Miller, was a student-athlete at Alabama and played college football as a tight end.

He was heavily recruited by then-Crimson Tide coach Bill Curry and ultimately decided to join the program.

30 years later, his son Brandon made the same decision to attend Alabama but to play basketball.

Brandon Miller breaking through defense.
Brandon Miller breaking through the defense. (Source: Fantasyalarm)

The Miller family is incredibly supportive of Brandon, and his sister Britany Miller and mother, Yolanda Miller are integral to his life.

They are often seen cheering him on at games, and on game days, they cook wings, dips, and other treats for the family.

They are a close-knit family, and the Miller family’s love and support are a big reason for Brandon’s success on and off the court

Blooming Career Of Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller is a highly talented and promising college basketball player, currently playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

He is considered one of the top prospects in the country and has already earned national recognition for his skills on the court.

Miller was named to the Naismith College Player of the Year and Julius Erving Award watch lists entering his freshman season at Alabama, which is a clear indication of his potential and promise as a player.

He quickly proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with on the court, earning his first Southeastern Conference (SEC) Freshman of the Week honor on November 21, 2022.

Brandon Miller celebrating after scoring a point.
Brandon Miller celebrating after scoring a point. (Source: ProjectSpurs)

On December 17, 2022, he had a standout game against Gonzaga where he scored 36 points and grabbed six rebounds, showcasing his scoring ability and athleticism. This performance is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport.

Miller’s potential and talent are undeniable, and he is poised for a successful college basketball career.

He continues to improve and develop his skills, and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for him as he continues to make a name for himself in the world of college basketball.

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