Danny Roberts Wife

UFC Danny Roberts Wife: Who Is Richard Goulding? Married Life And Kids

UFC Danny Roberts Wife: has gained quite a traction among the fans and followers. Is Danny’s partner Richard Goulding? Who is Richard Goulding? Are they married? How many kids do they have?

Danny Roberts, popularly known as Hot Chocolate, is an English mixed martial artist who competes in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Danny was born on July 14, 1987, and has been a professional fighter since 2010. He has also competed in Cage Warriors.

The fighter had a rough childhood. As a result, he was expelled from seven schools. He started boxing at the age of 14.

He made his martial arts debut in 2010. He has won 18 MMA matches, including UFC Fight of the Night twice.

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UFC Danny Roberts Wife: Who Is Richard Goulding?

Danny Roberts seems to be gay or bi. Either way, he might not be straight. He appears to be in a relationship with Richard Goulding.

Richard Goulding is a professional photographer. As of July 2023, Richard has 1.1K followers on Instagram. He primarily photographs UFC players.

Richard conducts his photography from his website, RICHARD GOULDING. The homepage of the website has collections of photos of several MMA fighters.

The website also has a collection of pictures of Danny, a.k.a; Hot Chocolate. Record of the entire career of the fighter has been photographed there.

Despite being a photographer himself, Richard is very private about his life. His pictures are hard to find. Maybe he chooses privacy over everything. 

Richard comes off as a person that strives for success rather than fame. He is a phenomenal photographer. His works are mind-blowingly beautiful. 

Even his Instagram is full of professional fighting championships, primarily UFC. He has also posted quite a lot of pictures of Danny Roberts.

UFC Danny Roberts Married Life

The married status of Danny Roberts is unknown as of now. His relationship with his partner, Richard Goulding, is a speculative one. 

Both have not said or done anything to indicate that they are married. They might only be in a relationship. Nothing can be said for sure.

When the two got together is unknown. Richard has posted multiple pictures of Danny on his Instagram without explicitly mentioning anything about their relationship.

Richard recently wished Danny on his birthday. He posted a picture of him with the caption, “Happy Birthday @danhotchocolate.” The post has no comments.

Danny Roberts Wife
Danny Roberts with his son, Clay, on Father’s Day. (Source: Instagram)

The only indication of their relationship is Danny tagging him on a Father’s Day post. “Happy Father’s Day to all the men who go out there and fight hard every day for what matters most [πŸ“Έ@richard_goulding] β€οΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦,” Danny posted on Instagram.

While that does not prove anything, the picture of Danny with his son was clicked by Richard in Danny’s home. Richard has clicked several non-professional pictures of Danny.

Danny might be a single dad raising his kid alone. Whatever it might be, everyone can agree that Danny is a great dad.

UFC Danny Roberts Kids

UFC fighting star Danny Roberts has one kid. He is a proud dad of his children. He takes care of them genuinely well.

Danny often posts pictures of him with his kid. He has a son named Clay. Clay was born on September 8, 2015. He is a big boy now.

The fighter posted a picture with his son with the caption, “You gave me light when all was dark & above all defined my purpose. You, my son, are the ones with powers. You, my son, are the GIFT. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’«πŸ’Ž”

Danny Roberts Wife
Danny Roberts is carrying his son on his shoulders. (Source: Instagram)

To Danny, his son is everything. He has dedicated his whole life to Clay. How Clay was born is unknown. If he and Richard are partners, as speculated, Clay might be adopted.

If not, Clay might have come to this world from someone Danny dated in the past, who left him with Danny when they separated.

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