Who is Corey French

Who is Corey French: Anjelica AKA AJ Hadsell Boyfriend

People are curious to know who is Corey French Anjelica Hadsell Boyfriend and where he is now. The youngster had been murdered brutally by her stepfather in 2015. 

The year 2015 was a horrific year for Anjelica’s family. Angelica Hadsell boyfriend and 

The eighteen-year-olds mother was horrified when she heard the news that her daughter had disappeared.

Anjelica’s mother’s name is Jeniffer, and she didn’t believe the text sent through her daughter’s phone that evening.

Likewise, she investigated and discovered that her daughter had been missing, as suspected.

Hadsell had three father figures involved in her life. Wesley Hadsell took it over when her biological father and first stepfather could not adopt her.

Moreover, Anjelica went on to take his surname, too. 

However, the eighteen-year-olds dead body was discovered about five weeks later, half buried. After a heavy investigation, GPS was able to track the murderer’s whereabouts. 

In the end, her stepfather Hadsell was found guilty and charged with the first-degree murder of A.J. on January 2019.

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Who is Corey French? 

Corey French was closely related to Anjelica Hadsell before her death. 

Likewise, the two had been dating since middle school and were deeply in love with one another.

During the time of the incident, he lived close to her house. They met regularly and went on walks and dates together.

Who is Corey French
Late Angelica Hadsell before she passed away. She was a lively person and loved by everyone around her. (Source: Instagram)

Even after Anjelica’s disappearance, Corey found a part of AJ’s credit card near her home. He was alert enough to call the authorities immediately.

However, things went south when the authorities started questioning him instead.

Corey French was utterly devastated when he heard the news of her death. The couple truly loved each other, and it was tough for him to adjust to the news.

However, since then, Corey has slowly but steadily moved on from the incident. 

Where Is Anjelica Hadsell Boyfriend, Andre Barr?

Andre Barr was one of the closest friends of Anjelica Hadsell. Likewise, after she went missing, he was also called to court to testify in March 2015.

He was one of the last witnesses on the day. Barr was perplexed and said he didn’t know what to believe regarding the case.

Nevertheless, he said something that made everyone turn their heads toward one person. Andre said that he was afraid of Wesley Hadsell.

Who is Corey French
A support group was made to find Anjelica since she went missing. (Source: Youtube)

“Barr said Wesley tried to intimidate him and some of AJ’s friends into doing what he said during the “searches” by talking about guns he owned and his history as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood.” according to Wavy.

However, he was utterly shattered, and it took him a long time to get over the death of his best friend.

There were also multiple support groups made to search for the lost teenager.

We wish the family gets the strength to deal with losing a loved one. May her soul rest in peace. 

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