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Christiana Barkley, Body, Boy Friend & Net Worth

Since the dawn of the industrial age, white psychology has dominated human society. But people like Christiana Barkley is not going to accept that unfair dominance. She wants this to end this unfair trend and in her lifetime.

Christiana Barkley is one among such a black ethnic group who is willing to face the challenge and stand above white supremacy. This healthy female personality is indeed a revolutionary mind, who won’t go under the ground just because someone tells her.

Christiana Barkley introduction
Christiana Barkley with her daddy

Today let’s have a look at this strong female personality and learn from her life. But before that, let’s check out some of the quick facts on Christiana.

Early Life and Education of Christiana Barkley

Christiana, a healthy and beautiful black female personality, was born in December 1989, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She was the one and only daughter of the famous NBA basketball player Charles Barkley and former model and presently a right women activist, Maureen Blumhardt. Being born to such a named, famed, and wealthy parents Christiana had quite a luxurious childhood.

Christiana Barkley early life
Christiana Barkley with her parents during her graduation

We have no idea about their names or locations of the schools and high schools that Christiana attended. Nothing such information has been revealed yet. But we know that the young aspiring lady has recently completed her education in journalism from ‘Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism’ in New York.

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Age, Weight, Body Measure Statistics of Christiana Barkley

The young black lady is currently 31 years old and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. Since the day she was borne has been kept secret, we can guess that Christiana belongs to the zodiac group of Sagittarius by the month she was borne. Unfortunately, we were also unable to find out her body measurements (chest-waist-hips).

Christiana Barkley age, weight, body measurements
Christiana Barkley with her parents

The dress size and the shoe size she wears are also unknown to the public domain. Maybe due to genetic inheritance from her mother, Christiana is quite introverted and secretive like her mother, Maureen Blumhardt. Due to this, her body features are entirely unknown to us. She has long and silky brown hair and beautiful black eyes.

Hobbies and Interest of Christiana Barkley

Due to this beautiful lady’s secretive nature, we don’t have any clue about her hobbies and interest. But by the recent photos of this fascinating figure with her mother in charity programs, we can guess she loves taking part in human welfare activities like her mother.

Christiana Barkley hobbies and interest
Christiana Barkley with her mother in a charity program

Our team is currently investigating all the life facts of Christiana.  We will certainly update our post once we learn the hobbies and interest of this beautiful lady. Please stay tuned.

Christiana Barkley and Her Career

Christiana has recently completed her education in Journalism. She has been recently photographed in a charity program with her mother, who is an active humanitarian. Hence guesses have been made that the young lady shall pursue her career in the same activity her mother is involved in. At the same time, the other party expects the beautiful figure to get into a modeling career soon.

Christiana Barkley's professional life
Christiana Barkley with her legendary basketball player dad Charles Barkley

Christiana has worked as a sales assistant with the media company ‘Turner Sports’ for a while. Currently, this young lady is pursuing a career in Journalism. In our evaluation, Christiana will eventually find her career in Journalism soon in which she is interested. Whatever may be the outcome, we wish good luck to Christiana Barkley for her future. May she have a successful life in whatever career she wants to be involved in.

Reasons for Christiana’s Growing Fame

Without any doubt, Christiana’s fame is linked to the popularity of her parents, who are legendary NBA basketball player Charles Barkley and former model and humanitarian Maureen Blumhardt, respectively.

Christiana Barkley
Christiana Barkley chilling with her friends

But even though her fame is linked to her parents’, her rise in popularity is solely due to her beauty and calm personality. Even being born in fortune, Christiana lacks proud and self-esteemed behavior, which lets her fit among all sorts of people.

All love her personality; hence she has earned thousands of followers on Instagram. We can predict that her popularity will skyrocket once she finds her career.

Christiana Barkley’s Relationship Info

Even though being the daughter of a legendary basketball player and former model and humanitarian, Christiana has managed to avoid any kind of Media attention. But our research on various social media sites has confirmed that the beautiful lady is currently single and is focusing on her education.

But her fans are quite restless about her dating history if any available. But due to Christiana’s secretive nature and her introverted behavior, she may not have been involved in relationships. We hope we might learn something new in the future once she gets into her career and starts socializing.

Christiana Barkley’s Net Worth

Christiana once worked as a sales assistant with the media company ‘Turner Sports’ for a while. But she is currently not involved in any sort of profession. Instead, Christiana is trying to pursue her career in journalism.  But she is the daughter of multimillion parents.

Her father, Charles Barkley, owns around 40 million dollars, and her mother, Maureen Blumhardt, holds about 2 million dollars. Hence being one and the only daughter of multi-millionaires helped her allocate quite a decent net worth. According to recent social media sources, Christiana has a net worth of around $1 million, which is quite a fair number.

Since it is impossible to earn that much money just by working as a sales assistant, so her source of net worth is unknown and can be traced back to her parents. Since the beautiful black figure is currently out of any profession, we can’t expect her to have any sort of salary. We shall be continuously checking on her status. Any new findings after Christiana get involved in any profession shall be updated as soon as possible.

Social Media Presence of Christiana Barkley

The young beauty is quite introverted by nature. She likes keeping personal information secret from the public domain. Hence, Christiana doesn’t have such a strong social media influence as her parents. We searched the social sites and found that Christian was only linked to Instagram.

Her Instagram followers number 2,849. She has no link to Facebook and Twitter. We found that unlike any other celebrities, Christiana has barely posted any of her photos on her Instagram page. We hope this beautiful girl soon socializes after finding her career, and her fame will skyrocket on any of these social sites.

Instagram: 2,849 followers

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