Brianna Lapaglia AKA Brianna Chickenfry Boyfriend

Brianna Lapaglia AKA Brianna Chickenfry Boyfriend 2023 Joey And Dating History

Brianna Lapaglia aka Brianna Chickenfry Boyfriend, Is he Nik Pelligrino? Is he Josh Richards? or is she single? Let’s find out about her current boyfriend and dating history.

Brianna LaPaglia commonly known as Brianna Chickenfry is a renowned short-form video personality from the United States.

She acquired enormous recognition with her TikTok channel, Brianna Chickenfry, where she charmed audiences with her text-in-video lip-syncs, hilarious testimonies, and memes.

With over 148 million cumulative likes on TikTok, Brianna has established herself as a notable presence on the network.

Brianna LaPaglia was born in the United States on June 17, 1999, and will be 23 years old in 2023. She has been active on TikTok since March 2019, when she uploaded her first video.

With nearly 2 million followers across all of her TikTok accounts, her creative and entertaining content has amassed a massive following.

Additionally, Brianna has amassed over 438,000 followers on her personal Instagram account.

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Brianna Lapaglia AKA Brianna Chickenfry Boyfriend 2023 Joey 

Brianna LaPaglia has moved on from her previous relationship with ex-boyfriend Nik Pelligrino and has found a new lover named Joey as of 2023.

She posted images of herself and her new boyfriend  Joey on Instagram, implying she is in a new love relationship. She tagged one of their kissing photos with the ironic comment “Eating shit.”

Brianna was not bashful about publicly professing her feelings for her lover Joey. 

On his birthday, she shared a nice photo of them and wished him a happy birthday with a sweet remark, referring to him as “sweet cheeks” and adding a heart emoji.

Brianna Lapaglia Boyfriend
Brianna Lapaglia’s selfie picture. (Source: Instagram)

While Brianna’s new boyfriend’s name is  Joey, fans are anxious to learn more about their connection. It’s unclear if she’ll discuss him more on the BFFs podcast or her social media outlets.

It’s worth mentioning that in a podcast episode starring Markell Washington and Mads Lewis, reports of Brianna dating her BFFs co-host, Josh Richards, were refuted.

As they expect additional information on her love life, fans may stay tuned to Brianna’s social media platforms and the BFFs podcast for any potential disclosures or insights into her new relationship.

Brianna Lapaglia Or Brianna Chickenfry Dating History: Ex-Boyfriend Nik Pelligrino

Brianna LaPaglia’s romantic history includes a long-term romance with Nik Pelligrino. She frequently featured Nik on her social media accounts, and they were seen as a pair that many of her followers admired.

On the other hand, Brianna revealed their split in May 2022, detailing the circumstances on TikTok and her podcast, PlanBri Uncut.

In the episode “Working on Myself,” Brianna said that she and Nik chose to break their relationship since it wasn’t working then.

She recognized that various things influenced their choice and felt compelled to address it publicly due to the couple’s popularity.

Brianna said that they still loved each other despite the split. However, prolonging the relationship at their current pace would only bring more pain and perhaps damage any chance of a future together.

Brianna Lapaglia Boyfriend
Brianna Lapaglia In the music award show. (Source: Instagram)

She made it clear that they were not saying their last goodbyes and that Nik was not leaving New York.

Brianna has been candid about disclosing facts about their relationship on social media and her podcast throughout their relationship. Fans offered an outpouring of support and love following the news of the breakup, with messages of encouragement and understanding.

Many fans were surprised by Brianna’s separation from Nik, but they voiced their support and told her they were there for her during this challenging moment.

The separation allowed Brianna to grieve the relationship and focus on moving forward.

Brianna Lapaglia AKA Brianna Chickenfry Family

There is little known about Brianna LaPaglia’s family. There are no specifics about her parents or siblings that are public knowledge.

Brianna LaPaglia has also dabbled in the world of podcasting as the host of “PlanBri Uncut.”

Her engaging personality and ability to connect with her audience have contributed to her success across different platforms.

Brianna has a professional affiliation with Barstool Sports, which increases her visibility and reach. She previously had a relationship with Nik, which she openly discussed on her social media pages.

Brianna LaPaglia’s ability to create fascinating and amusing material has earned her a large following and cemented her position as a renowned TikTok star.

Her relatable and entertaining videos continue to entertain and engage audiences worldwide.

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