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Family: Brandon Montour Parents Cameron And Tammy Montour, Siblings

Discover more about Brandon Montour parents and their role in supporting his ice hockey career. Learn about Cameron and Tammy Montour.

Brandon Montour, born on April 11, 1994, is a talented Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman currently playing for the Florida Panthers in the National Hockey League (NHL).

His hockey journey began in Cambridge, Ontario, where he played minor hockey before joining the Brantford Golden Eagles hockey club in the 2010-11 season.

Montour showcased his skills and potential, leading him to join the Caledonia Corvairs for a season in 2012-13.

In the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, Montour was selected by the Anaheim Ducks in the second round, 55th overall, setting the stage for his NHL career.

Montour’s achievements extend beyond the NHL, as he represented Canada internationally. In 2019, he made his international debut when he was named to the Canadian national team for the prestigious 2019 IIHF World Championship in Slovakia.

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Brandon Montour Parents: Cameron And Tammy Montour

Brandon Montour, born on April 11, 1994, in Ontario, Canada, was raised by his parents, Cameron and Tammy Montour. They played a crucial role in supporting his passion for ice hockey from an early age.

Brandon’s parents attended his games during his childhood, providing unwavering encouragement and guidance throughout his journey.

Notably, Brandon’s left arm carries a meaningful headdress and feathers tattoo that pays tribute to his Father, Cam, who has Indigenous Canadian heritage.

Brandon Montour Parents 1
Brandon Montour with his Parents, Cameron and Tammy Montour. (Image Source: Instagram)

While specific details about Cameron and Tammy Montour’s education and professions are unavailable, their unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in Brandon’s success.

As he pursued his ice hockey career, Brandon could count on his parents as a robust support system, helping him navigate challenges and providing the foundation for his achievements.

Their commitment to their son’s dreams and involvement in his life highlight Cameron and Tammy Montour’s crucial role in shaping Brandon’s path in hockey.

Brandon Montour Siblings

Brandon Montour, the Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman, grew up with his two siblings, Cameron and Colin Montour.

Colin, born on February 21, 1996, shared his older brother’s passion for ice hockey. He played for the Port Dover Sailors in the NDJCHL & PJCHL leagues from 2014 to 2018, showcasing his skills on the ice.

Brandon’s other brother, Cameron Noble Montour, attended Tilbury District High School and chose a career in the powerline industry.

Brandon Montour
Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman currently playing for the Florida Panthers, Brandon Montour. (Image Source: Instagram)

He gained experience working as a powerline maintainer at Valard Construction LP and ENWIN Utilities before becoming a senior foreman at Windsor Power & Light. Cameron’s dedication to his profession highlights his commitment to the field.

As a close-knit trio, Brandon, Cameron, and Colin Montour likely shared a special bond as siblings, supporting each other’s endeavors and pursuits in their respective fields.

Their shared passion for ice hockey and individual achievements contribute to their family’s pride and showcase their determination and talent.

Brandon Montour Net Worth

As of 2023, Brandon Montour has an estimated net worth of around $5 million, primarily amassed through his successful professional ice hockey career.

His earnings have been predominantly derived from his contracts with various NHL teams.

Montour embarked on his NHL journey with the Anaheim Ducks, signing his initial contract on March 16, 2015, which amounted to $2.775 million over three years, averaging an annual salary of $925,000.

Brandon Montour NetWorth
The Athlete is having fun at the track. (Image Source: Instagram)

He extended his contract with the Ducks on July 24, 2018, for an additional two years, valued at $6.775 million.

On February 24, 2019, Montour was traded to the Buffalo Sabres for Brendan Guhle and a future-round pick. He then signed a one-year contract with the Sabres worth $3.85 million.

Currently, Montour is a member of the Florida Panthers, having been traded to the team. He signed a three-year contract with the Panthers, amounting to $10.5 million, further contributing to his net worth.

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