Bill Blass, Fashion Designer, Dead, Wife, Career, Brand & Net Worth

“The beauty of being able to draw, or paint, from an early age is that you never feel trapped, least of all by your immediate circumstances”Bill Blass. He is a fantastic fashion designer who took American sportswear to the highest level possible. His products were modern, clean, and have an impeccable style.

Bill Blass profession
The American fashion designer Bill Blass

Blass was also the first one who unhesitantly said that he was a kind of designer who rediscovered every few years. In this article, we will talk about his cause of death, the legacy he left behind, and the income he amassed when he was still alive. Before starting the article, let’s know him better through some quick facts;

Cause Of Death

This American fashion designer surely built an empire in the industry. He was a cigarette lover and rarely made an appearance without one. Soon he developed throat cancer in 2000. At the same time, he started working on his memoir “Bare Blass.” In addition to this, he was also preparing for a retrospective exhibition of his work at Indiana University in Bloomington. Once he said,

“The secret of living is not staying too long. I have learned when to leave the party.”

Woefully, the world was mourning on the 12th day of June 2002 when Bill died at his house in New Preston, Conn. Helen O’Hagan, a beloved friend, claimed that the cause of his demise was cancer. His death was a significant loss in the fashion industry. Not to mention he died at the age of 79, 10 days before his 80th birthday.

Bill Blass Childhood and Education

Willian Ralph Blass was born in the beautiful city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is the son of famous Ralph Aldrich Blass and mother Ethyl Keyser Blass. His father worked as a traveling hardware salesman while her mother’s profession is still in the dark. Moving on, there is hardly any details about his siblings.

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Talking about education, Bill graduated from South Side High School. He left Indiana when he won a second prize for a design contest sponsored by The Chicago Tribune. This handsome moved to New York in the summer of 1940. For a while, he studied at McDowell School of Fashion.

Even more, there, he works as a sketch artist for $35 a week for David Crystal. David is a manufacturer of moderate-priced clothes on Seventh Avenue. Furthermore, Bill is American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Bill Blass: A Man With A-Class

Bill always wore the best out of what he could afford. Brooks Brothers blazers, a custom tailor from Lord in the 1940s, with a little money, a bespoke suit from Huntsman, London, he wore them all. Not to mention this dandy man appeared on several best-dressed lists. He used to say,

“Fashion can be bought by anybody; style takes discernment”

Mr. Blass was born on the 22nd day of June 1922. He falls under the sun sign of Cancer. Not to mention, he was 79 years old when he died.

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Professional Career

In 1943, Bill tried his hand at Army and eventually got selected. His high IQ and artistic ability were recognized. Therefore he worked at the counterintelligence unit, 63rd Camouflage Battalion. As soon as the war ended, he became an assistant to Anne Klein but was dismissed.

Bill Blass death
Bill Blass died at the age of 79 years old.

Later, Blass got a job as a low man on the totem pole at Anna Miller. In 1959, she retired, and her business was merged with her brother Maurine Rentner. Finally, his creation or designs were adored by the people. After the death of Mr. Rentner in 1969, he got his name on the label. Eventually, in 1970, this famous fashion designer changed its name to Bill Blass Ltd.

Over the years, Bill’s name was all over the place. From chocolate, swimwear, perfume to luggage, his name was everywhere. His famous clients included Patricia Buckley, Brooke Astor, Happy Rockefeller, Nancy Kissinger, Jessye Norman, and many more.

Who is Bill Blass’s Wife?

As a matter of fact, Bill is neither married nor engaged to any woman. He was a workaholic and focused more on his career rather than other affairs. Also, there are no rumors about this man dating any girl. By this, we can conclude that he was a single man. In a time like this, asking about his kids is futile.

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What Is The Net Worth of Bill Blass?

The first-ever apartment that Bill owned was at 444 East 57th Street, which had a wraparound terrace. By the mid-1990s, Bill had 97 business licenses under him. His retail sales crossed $700 million a year across the globe. To be precise, his ready-to-wear business grossed $9 million annually.

Bill Blass net worth
The amazing fashion designer Bill Blass

Moreover, this multi-millionaire sold his business for $50 million in 1999. Sources claim that he sits on the staggering net worth of $95 million before dying in 2002.

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