Benjamin Bratt Siblings

Benjamin Bratt Siblings Peter, Georgia And Nadya Bratt: Age Gap

Benjamin Bratt Siblings: The age gap among Benjamin Bratt’s siblings, Peter, Georgia, and Nadya Bratt, is a notable aspect worth exploring.

Benjamin Bratt, an actor from the United States, achieved recognition for his portrayal of NYPD Detective Reynaldo Curtis on the N.B.C. crime series Law & Order,’ both on television and in movies.

Similarly, he has depicted numerous roles related to law enforcement throughout his career, starting with his first movie, ‘Juarez’ and continuing with the television shows ‘Knightwatch’ and ‘Nasty Boys.’

On the other hand, the actor is deeply involved in activism and philanthropy, actively participating in the American Indian Movement and lending support to causes like the American Indian College Fund.

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Benjamin Bratt Siblings Peter Georgia And Nadya Bratt 

Benjamin has four siblings, and he is the third oldest among them. The eldest sibling, Nadya Bratt, is a teacher assigned to particular tasks within the San Francisco Unified School District.

His other sibling, Georgina Bratt, is Program Coordinator in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Besides, he possesses an additional sister, who is likely the youngest and has deliberately remained out of public attention. Very little is known about her, including her identity and occupation, as it is shrouded in secrecy.

Benjamin Bratt Siblings
Benjamin Bratt with his brother Peter. (Source: Pinterest)

Next his brother Peter is both a writer and director and also happens to be the owner of 5 Stick Film production company. He is credited as the writer and director of Follow Me Home (1996), where Benjamin portrays Abel.

In addition, Peter co-wrote and directed the independent film La Mission (2009), which starred Benjamin as Mission District resident Che Rivera.

Age Gap Between Benjamin Bratt’s Siblings

Regarding the age difference between the Bratt siblings, Benjamin and his brother Peter kind of look similar in age.

Peter was born in 1962, while Benjamin was born in 1963, indicating that there is only a one-year gap between the two brothers.

Nevertheless, the internet does not provide any information about the age difference between other siblings.

By the details, BenjamiBenjamin’ssister, Georgia, seems to be enjoying her life and is in her early 50s, while Nadya Bratt, the oldest, seems to be in her late 60s.

However, we cannot tell about his other sister, as no information about her is available online, not even her age.

Despite age differences, all the siblings seem pretty close and supportive of each other’sother’ss.

Peter and Benjamin chose a life full of glamour, while their other siblings lived a quiet and buzz-free life.

Benjamin Bratt Family Members

Benjamin Bratt, born in San Francisco, California, on December 16, 1963, had a nurse mother named Eldy and a father named Peter Bratt, Sr., who worked as a sheet metal worker.

Unfortunately, his parents divorced when he was just four years old 1968.

His mother, a Native American activist, hails from the Peruvian Quechua ethnic group and relocated to the United States from Lima, Peru, when she was 14.

On the contrary, his father is of German, English, and Austrian descent. And George Cleveland Bratt, his grandfather, was a Broadway performer.

Benjamin Bratt Siblings
Benjamin Bratt’sBratt’stive family members. (Source: Instagram)

In adolescence, he chose to reside with his father, who motivated him to join a high school production.

This experience subsequently sparked his interest in acting, prompting him to enroll in acting classes at the university.

Upon completing his studies, he gained admission into the M.F.A. program at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

However, he decided to forgo earning a degree when he received an opportunity to pursue his first acting role.

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