Mary Goulding Car Accident Christchurch

NZ Basketball Mary Goulding Car Accident Christchurch: Fatal Injury Admitted To Hospital ICU

Mary Goulding Car Accident Christchurch has sent shockwaves through the basketball community, as the talented Tall Ferns star finds herself in critical condition. With hearts heavy with concern, fans and teammates unite to pray for her recovery.

Mary Goulding, born on August 24, 1996, is a highly skilled professional basketball player from New Zealand.

Her exceptional talents have led her to represent her country as a New Zealand Tall Ferns team member at the prestigious FIBA Asia Cup in 2021.

Goulding’s dedication and hard work have propelled her to compete at the highest level of international basketball, showcasing her prowess on the court.

With her impressive performances and contributions to the team, Goulding has proven herself an invaluable asset to New Zealand’s basketball program.

Mary’s participation in the FIBA Asia Cup marks a significant milestone in her career and highlights her commitment to representing her country globally.

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NZ Basketball Mary Goulding Car Accident Christchurch

According to recent reports, Mary Goulding, a beloved New Zealand Tall Ferns basketball team member, has been involved in a severe car accident in Christchurch.

Friends of Goulding have described her as an incredible athlete and the kindest human ever, expressing their deep concern for her well-being.

The Tall Ferns organization took to social media to share the news and requested positive thoughts and support for Goulding and her family during this difficult time.

Mary Goulding Car Accident Christchurch
Mary Goulding (In White) during the New Zealand Tall Ferns Showcase before the NZ National Basketball League Grand Final in 2020. (Source: RNZ)

The team’s Facebook account urged people to send love, thoughts, and prayers while encouraging Goulding to stay strong with the phrase “Kia kaha Mary.”

Speaking about Goulding’s character, American journalist Maria Trivelpiece praised her as the most incredible human she has ever met.

As the community rallies around Mary Goulding, hopes and wishes for her recovery pour in from all corners, highlighting her impact as an athlete and an individual.

Mary Goulding Fatal Injury Admitted To Hospital ICU

Tall Ferns basketball player Mary Goulding was admitted to Christchurch Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a critical but stable condition after a car crash in Canterbury on Saturday morning.

The Tall Ferns made the announcement on social media, requesting positive thoughts, love, and prayers for Goulding and her family.

Teams from various sports also sent their wishes to the 26-year-old forward, who has gained international experience playing basketball worldwide.

Mary Goulding Car Accident Christchurch
We urge our viewers to be careful while driving. (Source: India TV News)

The car crash occurred in Rangiora, where both drivers sustained injuries, one in critical condition and the other in moderate condition. Police are investigating the incident.

Goulding, born and raised in Rangiora, has had an impressive basketball career, including playing for college teams in the United States and representing New Zealand at international tournaments.

Before the accident, she was in training for the upcoming tour of Europe and the Asia Cup in Sydney.

The basketball community and fans are united in their support and well wishes for Goulding’s recovery.

NZ Basketball Player Mary Goulding Car Accident News

The news of Mary Goulding’s car accident in Canterbury has profoundly impacted the community.

Friends and teammates have come forward to share their heartfelt tributes, emphasizing Goulding’s kindness and exceptional athletic skills.

Through their social media channels, the Tall Ferns requested support and positive thoughts for Goulding and her family during this challenging time.

Messages of love, thoughts, and prayers flooded in, demonstrating the widespread admiration and affection for Goulding within the basketball community.

Mary Goulding Car Accident Christchurch
Bendigo Spirit is among the clubs posting messages of support for Mary Goulding. (Source: NZ Herald)

Various clubs, including Bendigo Spirit and Mainland Pouakai, expressed their support and urged others to join in sending their good wishes.

Goulding’s journey from high school to playing basketball worldwide has captivated many, and her dedication to the sport has been acknowledged and celebrated.

As investigations into the car crash continue, the community remains united in their hopes for Goulding’s recovery, recognizing her impact both on and off the court.

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