Ashleigh Plumptre Parents

Who Are Tim Plumptre And Mrs. Plumptre? Ashleigh Plumptre Parents And Ethnicity

Ashleigh Plumptre Parents have piqued the interest of her fans. She plays for her Fatherland.

Ashleigh Plumptre plays football (soccer) for England. She was born in Nottingham, England, on July 1, 1997.

Plumptre is best renowned for her defensive abilities, adaptability, and capacity to support the attack from the backline. She typically plays as a defender.

She has represented several clubs in the English football league throughout her career. She has made notable contributions to the teams she has played for, Notts County Ladies and Leicester City Women.

Her performances have brought respect and acclaim from the football community to Plumptre.

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Ashleigh Plumptre Parents: Who Are Tim Plumptre And Mrs. Plumptre?

Ashleigh Plumptre is British and comes from a variety of backgrounds. Nigeria is where her father’s ancestors originated. On the other hand, Ashleigh’s mother is American.

Unfortunately, there is no information online on the names and occupations of her parents.

Ashleigh Plumptre Parents
Ashleigh Plumptre’s sister Bayleigh Bisi Plumptre and her loving father (Source: Footynaija)

The father of Plumptre was born on June 10, 1970. The previous year, in 2020, Ashleigh Plumptre used her official Instagram account to wish her father a happy birthday as he celebrated his landmark Golden Jubilee, marking 50 years of life.

When talking about her family, Ashleigh appears noticeably protective and guarded.

Ashleigh Plumptre Family And Ethnicity Explored

The younger sister of Ashleigh Plumptre, Bayleigh Bisi Plumptre, is a skilled drummer.

Bayleigh Bisi, who goes by the handle @bayleighbisi on Instagram, is a rock and pop drummer passionate about her craft.

Music-related photographs abound in her profile, eloquently demonstrating her unwavering devotion to and excitement for her musical journey.

Their joint celebrations of holidays and weekends together show how close the two sisters are to one another.

Additionally, Ashleigh has happily shared several images of Bayleigh, and Bayleigh herself recognizes Ashleigh as her sister in her Instagram bio.

Ashleigh Plumptre Parents
Ashleigh Plumptre’s sister Bayleigh Bisi Plumptre is profound in drumming (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Her paternal grandpa is of Yoruba descent and originates in Lagos State, Nigeria. So, the player was born into a multi-racial family.

She decided to go on as a player for the Super Falcons, a Nigerian football team, to embrace her Nigerian background.

Her desire to play for a worthwhile cause and change the world motivates this choice.

She claimed that while the vast majority presume her to be of white ethnicity, she identifies as of mixed ancestry. Her sister, on the other hand, identifies as black.

These interactions drove her to forge a solid bond with her Nigerian heritage and stand up for the groups she identifies strongly with.

Plumptre decided to relocate from England to Nigeria to fully immerse herself in the culture and increase her sister’s understanding of their ancestral origins.

Ashleigh Plumptre Career Details

Ashleigh Plumptre began playing football when she was four years old.

She signed on with the Non-Division team Asfordby in 2002, played there for four years before turning eight, and joined the Leicester City Set-up.

Ashleigh spent seven years (from 2006 to 2013) playing for Leicester City at various age levels.

Moreover, She spent a year with the Birmingham U-17 team before committing to Derby County.

Apart from playing at the youth level, Ashleigh Plumptre joined Notts County of the Women’s Super League in 2014 and stayed there for a year before relocating to the United States to play college soccer with the USC Trojans from 2016 to 2019.

Ashleigh Plumptre received a call-up in July 2021 to join the Super Falcons, Nigeria’s senior women’s squad.

Moreover, Ashleigh Plumptre publicly stated her interest in playing for the Nigerian Super Falcons before receiving a call-up.

 Plumptre debuted for the Nigerian Super Falcons on February 18, 2022.

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