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Angelique Manto Boyfriend David Guison Relationship Timeline

Angelique Manto boyfriend, David Guison, is an influential OG blogger who has been a supportive partner in her journey.

Angelique Manto, the 2nd runner-up of Miss Universe Philippines 2023, is a beloved figure known for her sports reporting background.

With a rich history in beauty pageants and multiple titles, she captivates audiences with her talent and grace.

Beyond the pageant world, Angelique is a passionate advocate for mental health, working diligently to promote awareness and eliminate the Stigma surrounding these issues.

Her YouTube channel showcases her impressive singing talent, including a beautiful cover of Billie Eilish’s “Bury a Friend.”

With a solid social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where she shares her fashion and beauty content, Angelique continues to inspire and connect with her dedicated 179K followers.

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Angelique Manto Boyfriend David Guison 

Angelique Manto is happily in a relationship with David Guison, a fashion blogger and influencer.

David has been a constant pillar of support and an unwavering fan throughout Angelique’s journey to the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 stage.

Angelique Manto boyfriend
Angelique Manto boyfriend David writes, “My Queen,” with this image showing her utter respect and love. (Image Source: Instagram)

He proudly showcases his admiration for her through adorable videos and heartfelt messages, demonstrating his unwavering love and support.

Their love story began serendipitously, with their paths crossing in a coffee shop where they would spend time in different corners until David took the leap and reached out to Angelique through direct messages one night.

Their connection grew, and they continued inspiring and uplifting each other as a loving couple.

Angelique Manto and David Guison Relationship Timeline

Angelique Manto and David Guison’s love story began in a coffee shop, where fate brought them together despite their initial reservations.

After spending time in the same place, David mustered the courage to send Angelique a direct message, sparking their connection.

Their journey was filled with unexpected moments, including David mistakenly tagging Angelique on Instagram before they officially met.

Angelique Manto boyfriend 3
The adorable couple Angelique Manto and David Guison’s love story started in a coffee shop. (Image Source: Instagram)

Despite their doubts and hesitations, they couldn’t deny the deep connection they shared.

During quarantine, their relationship flourished through hours of Zoom calls, where they got to know each other on a deeper level.

While their courtship had its ups and downs, they found comfort and joy in each otheCompanypany.

Their relationship timeline is a testament to the unpredictable nature of love and the beauty that can emerge when two souls find their way to each other.

Angelique Manto And David Guison Age Gap

Angelique Manto, born on 27 years old as of 2024. On the other hand, the exact date of birth for David Guison is unknown.

Despite their age difference, the couple finds harmony in their respective careers as content creators.

As part of the OG blogging generation, David draws inspiration from music videos and magazines, showcasing his old-school approach.

Angelique Manto boyfriend
Angelique Manto with her boyfriend looks cute together. (Image Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Angelique represents the new breed of content creators, finding simplicity in capturing everyday moments.

Surprisingly, their different career states don’t cause friction her ignite admiration and inspiration.

David appreciates the talent and creativity of younger creators, while Angelique is impressed by their innovative ideas.

The age gap between Angelique Manto and David Guison serves as a unique aspect of their relationship, where they bridge the gap between different generations of content creation.

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