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American Idol Hannah Nicolaisen Age -How Old? Parents And Wikipedia

Many are curious to know about Hannah Nicolaisen Age and her parents after she gained limelight from her presence in the new season of “American Idol.” 

Hannah Nicolaisen is an American Singer and Musician. She got the spotlight as an intimate and acoustic singer after performing in the “American Idol” season 21. 

Hannah was born on December 28, 1999, in Houston, Texas. According to some online sources, she currently resides in Montgomery, Alabama. 

She graduated from the University of Illinois and played college volleyball for five years. She even says that because she was into Volleyball for so long, she doesn’t necessarily think of herself as an artist or musician all the time. 

Even without much experience in music, her passion and love for music shinned during her solo Hollywood performance on the “American Idol” with her original song. 

Fun fact: During her sophomore year in college, at the national tournament of Volleyball, she shot someone right in the face, and the video is also on the internet.  

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Hannah Nicolaisen Age – How Old?

The very talented American Idol Contestant Hannah Nicolaisen was born on December 28, 1999. 

She turned 23, the last December and in the year 2023, she will be turning 24. 

At such a young age, she found her passion after experimenting and experiencing many fields.

She is an Athlete who used to play college volleyball and was also part of the National Tournament. 

Hannah Nicolaisen
Hannah Nicolaisen is 23 years old and is pursuing a music career. ( Source: Instagram )

She left her 9-5 work as an IT recruiter and finally decided to work on her music and enhance her vocal skills.

At 23, she also got engaged to her partner, Matheus Telles.

Hannah Nicolaisen is still young and aims to pursue a music career. She has more to achieve in life and works on more significant projects in Music Industry. 

Hannah Nicolaisen Parents: Who Are Thomas And Carol, Tewell Nicolaisen

Hannah Nicolaisen was born to Thomas Nicolaisen and Carol Tewell Nicolaisen on December 28, 1999, in Houston, Texas. Thomas also goes by his nickname Tom. 

According to some sources, it is found that Hannah started singing when she was a small child and came from a musical household. Although she didn’t focus on music as a child, later, when she grew up, she found her passion.

Hannah Nicolaisen
Hannah Nicolaisen thanks her father for being her constant support. ( Source: Instagram)

Hannah’s dad also has an Instagram account which is private right now. But his display picture of him and his daughter depicts how much he loves and adores her. He is a proud father. 

Hannah also mentioned that her mother was why she decided to pursue music and follow her dreams. 

Hannah Nicolaisen’s Parents always encouraged their daughter in everything she did and are her most significant support.

Besides that, there is not much information regarding her parent’s profession. 

She also has a brother named Health, who is very proud and supportive of her.

Hannah posts pictures with her parents and other family members on her Instagram. 

Hannah Nicolaisen Wikipedia 

Hannah Nicolaisen has a Danish background, as her grandfather was from Denmark. 

Hannah went to the University of Illinois to study physics, engineering and mathematics. While in college, she worked as an IT recruiter and was involved in college volleyball.

She said during her audition that she started trying to figure out how to play music a month or 2.

So, she was just two months into music before attending an audition with the song, Make You Fall my Love by Bob Dylan.

Hannah Nicolaisen
Hannah Nicolaisen explored music just two months before her audition. (Source: Instagram)

She got praised for her unique voice by the judges and got the chance to go to Hollywood.

Hannah quit her IT recruiter job and currently works as a full-time musician, pursuing her dream.

A Brazilian assistant coach, Matheus Telles, proposed to Hannah and engaged him in December 2022. 

She enthusiastically expressed and shared her engagement news with her fans on her Instagram.

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