Alina Kovalenko Body, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Red hair is a rare feature anyone can have. On top of that, freckles are like a cherry on the top. Alina Kovalenko is that red-haired model and actress who beautifully presents her freckles. Apart from this, the most distinctive feature about Alina is her bright eyes and juicy lips.

Alina Kovalenko age
Alina Kovalenko is 28 years old

There are a lot of things that you might be missing about Kovalenko’s life. But don’t worry as in this article all we are going to talk about is this model turned actress. From her age, height, body, career, net worth, boyfriend, we will cover them all. Before jumping straight to the article, let’s know her better through some quick facts;

Who Is Alina Kovalenko?- Short Introduction

Modeling is not an easy task, but if you show some determination and passion like Alina, you can reach her stardom. This pretty lady was born in a beautiful place in Ukraine. Her parents were the ones who insisted on her do something in her life.

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With a lot of consideration, Alina tried her hand at modeling. Unfortunately, there is no information about her parents among the general mass. Similar is the case with her beloved siblings; there is no data even if she has one.

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Talking about education, this pretty lady enrolled in Karpenko-Karuy Kyiv National University of Stage Arts, Film, and Television. Not to mention, it was also the place where she received her graduation. Moreover, Kovalenko is a Ukrainian model and belongs to white ethnicity.

How Tall Is Alina Kovalenko?- Height, Age, and Body Measurement

Being a model, this personal stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches. This towering height is hard to ignore in the fashion industry. There is no doubt that Alina ranks among the hot actress of the movie industry.

Alina Kovalenko height
The 5 feet 9.5 inches tall model Alina Kovalenko

She has a lean and slim figure that outshines every apparel with her curves. That is all thanks to her consciousness regarding her body. Kovalenko visits the gym more often than not. Even more, her white skin complexion embellishes her luscious red hair and a pair of shining eyes.

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This hot model was born in the year of 1992 and grew up in Ukraine. She celebrates her birthday each year on the 28th day of May. In 2020, she was 28 years old and falls under the sun sign of Gemini. Just like her sign suggests, Alina listens to everyone but does what her heart desires.

Professional Career

As soon as her graduation, this beauty was determined to follow what she loved in her love. Luckily in 2015, she got her first role in the famous “The Tree of Us,” where she played the role of Stefania. That might be her debut, but Alina received a lot of positive responses from the audience.

Alina Kovalenko nationality
Alina Kovalenko is an Ukraninian model

From that moment on there was no looking back, Kovalenko was also cast as Anna in “The Girl With Peaches.” It is a drama series that fall among the biggest Ukrainian states channel. Apart from this, Alina has starred in the film, such as Kruty 1918, Ex, The Rising Hawk, Serf, to name few.

Who Is The Boyfriend of Alina Kovalenko?

If we talk about love and attraction, there is barely any guy who would reject this piece of beauty. But that does not mean Alina will fall for any guy. To be a perfect one for this diva, a guy should be understanding and considerate about her profession.

Until now, Kovalenko has not been involved in any rumors and controversies. Neither she is dating anyone, nor her social media accounts give us any hints. Despite being 28 years old, Alina is not married or engaged. Maybe she is waiting for the one.

What Is The Net Worth of Alina Kovalenko?

Handling the two different professions is a challenge, but the hardship pays off well for Alina. Being active in both fields, she has been making a lot of money from her talent and creativity. In 2020 Kovalenko sits on an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Alina Kovalenko net worth
Alina Kovalenko has a net worth of $1 million.

This amount is quite less in comparison to her work and contribution to the entertainment industry. Her major way of earning is a photoshoot, ad campaigns, and other ventures. Other information like her salary, cars, and mansions remain in the dark.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 132k followers

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