Alexee Trevizo Boyfriend

Alexee Trevizo Boyfriend Devyn Fierro: Where Is He Now?

Alexee Trevizo boyfriend, Devyn Fierro, is the subject of interest among internet users. Alexee was accused of killing her newborn baby.

The name of Alexee Trevizo’s boyfriend has sparked a lot of speculation. Alexis Trevizo’s boyfriend’s name goes by Devyn Fierro. 

According to authorities, she has been jailed on suspicion of first-degree murder and tampering with evidence concerning the death of her infant son in January.

The young woman is charged with murder after allegedly discarding her infant in a hospital trash bag.

The postmortem findings contradicted Alexee’s allegations, despite Trevizo telling the authorities that the baby had died at birth.

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Alexee Trevizo Boyfriend Devyn Fierro

Alexee Trevizo’s boyfriend, Devyn Fierro, has been a subject of matter among the people as he was accused of murdering their newborn baby.

Many people want to know who her boyfriend is as the country watches the developments in the Alexee Trevizo case.

Unfortunately, no official sources or the general public have confirmed any specifics concerning her romantic relationship.

Alexee Trevizo Boyfriend
Alexee Trevizo Boyfriend identity has not been made public. ( Source: YouTube )

Her boyfriend’s identity has been the subject of speculation and rumors on social media, but it is critical to treat such information with caution until conclusive proof appears.

As a result, there have been various online rumors that Trevizo had an intimate relationship with Devyn. Some of these rumors make this clear right up front. But they need to be confirmed.

Where Is Devyn Fierro Now?

As said earlier, there is no specific information regarding Devyn Fierro. Unfortunately, no official sources or the general public have confirmed any specifics concerning their romantic relationship.

No documentation indicates where her boyfriend is, which adds another mystery to the murder case.

According to the research, the information presented does not mention the baby’s father’s involvement in this particular case nor implies any connection between him and the infant’s tragic death.

At the time of writing, none of the reputable media outlets had revealed Alexee’s boyfriend’s details.

Alexee Trevizo Family

Alexis Trevizo was born in 2004 to Mr. Trevizo and Mrs. Trevizo. Talking about her age, she is 19 years.

Likewise, she was born in the town of Artesia, New Mexico. Alexis adheres to the Christian faith. Her citizenship is American.

Therefore, it is impossible to say whether Trevizo has siblings or not. Additionally, very little information is available on her parents because she was recently charged with murder.

The parents of Alexee Trevizo are completely shocked by their daughter’s behavior. Due to Trevizo’s alleged murder of her recently born child, their names have not been released to the media as of this post.

Alexee Trevizo Boyfriend
Police confronted Alexee after the case was made public. (Source: Live Action Org)

According to reports, Trevizo’s mother confronted her. She initially went to the emergency room due to lower back pain, and when the medical staff inquired about her pregnancy, she denied it.

The young woman locked herself in a bathroom after a pregnancy test revealed that she was, in fact, pregnant.

In addition, the hospital staff then pushed Trevizo to open the door as they announced their entry. They treated the nurse after discovering blood on her.

All the medical team members later noted that the garbage bag seemed heavy during the cleanup. After looking into it more, they discovered a dead newborn baby boy inside the bag.

Her mother, whose name has not been released, was informed of the pregnancy earlier. She then pleaded with her daughter, to be honest, but Alexee insisted that the baby not cry.

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