Daniel McStay Girlfriend

AFL Daniel McStay Girlfriend: Who Is Kellie Drew? Dating History

In this revealing article, discover the intriguing AFL dating history of player Daniel McStay Girlfriend and his relationship with Kellie Drew.

In the Australian Football League (AFL), Daniel McStay plays Australian rules football with the Brisbane Lions.

McStay, born on June 9, 1994, is a versatile player who has held various positions in the club, including key forward and key defender.

He was chosen by the Eastern Ranges in the TAC Cup as the 25th overall choice in the 2013 AFL Draft. Playing center half-back, he made his AFL debut against North Melbourne Football Club in Round 15 of the 2014 campaign.

Moreover, Daniel left the Brisbane Lions after nine years and signed a five-year deal with Collingwood. This happens after the 2022 AFL Season is over.

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AFL Daniel McStay Girlfriend: Who Is Kellie Drew?

His Instagram account makes it appear that he is dating “Kellie Drew.” We also think this for several additional reasons, according to other sources.

While relocating to Melbourne, Dan stated in an interview, “Kellie is from Melbourne also, so it will be nice for her to be closer to family. We adore the lifestyle and are seeking for a property in the city.

Several reports state that he is unmarried and not dating anyone, yet, likely, he is not. We saw several images of Daniel McStay with Kellie on his Instagram page.

On her Instagram page, Kellie posted several photos of herself and Daniel.

She posted a photo of herself with Daniel on March 14, 2020, and wrote in the caption, “Love ya doll @danmcstay,” making it abundantly evident that the two are dating.

Daniel McStay Girlfriend
Daniel McStay is in a relationship with Kellie. (Source: Afl)

Given that Kellie and he are frequently seen together on his Instagram, it is very likely that they are partners. On several occasions, he had brought her up.

When McStay left for the Magpies, Dan stated in one of the interviews, “My partner and I have decided to move back home to Melbourne.”

Sadly, Kellie Drew now has her account set to private. Consequently, you won’t be able to see the Instagram posts she previously published.

Daniel McStay And Kellie Drew Relationship Timeline

Although the couple has been together for a while, their relationship’s start date has not yet been revealed.

What started as a friendship has developed into a love bond marked by their unwavering commitment to one another’s objectives.

Football has always been a passion for Kellie, who admires Daniel’s successful career and encourages the athlete to give it his all.

Daniel McStay Girlfriend
Daniel McStay’s move to Collingwood has all but been confirmed. (Source: Theaustralian)

Even though Daniel and Kellie have been together for a long time, their relationship is characterized by the fact that they are both very private individuals.

The athlete agrees with Kellie when she says their time with Daniel was some of his greatest.

Daniel is being watched because he is a well-known figure. He shields Kellie from this scrutiny by maintaining their relationship’s secrecy.

The couple hasn’t officially stated that they intend to be married soon. But despite the challenges of life, their enduring love keeps them together.

Daniel McStay Dating History Explored

Daniel McStay’s other relationships, aside from Kellie Drew, remain a mystery. Most literary works assert that a soulmate’s initial love may last forever. Their strong bond serves as proof of this.

The likelihood that he had previous relationships with women besides Kellie cannot be completely ruled out.

Whatever his past, he is dating Kellie Drew right now in the hopes of securing a pleasant future.

Daniel has maintained a private and discreet personal life, mainly focusing on his successful AFL career.

Despite the internet being flooded with information on the dating lives of countless public figures, including celebrities and athletes, Daniel McStay’s love life is still a well-guarded secret.

His ability to keep his heart private demonstrates his commitment to privacy.

In a culture where private lives are regularly made public, Daniel McStay’s restraint in disclosing his dating past is commendable.

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